Frequently Asked Questions


Can I do this myself?

Sure.  It’s easy, all you need is a hacksaw, a screwdriver and a little imagination.

What do I need to buy?

You will need a BK-1 Basic Kit to cover a 16- to 22-foot boat and an SB-1 Single Bay kit for each addition 4 feet of boat length.  If you want to store your boat with the mast in, you will also need an MK-1 Mast Kit. 

What else do I need?

Just the pipe.  Everything else is in the box, even a twist-drill to use if you want to screw the components together.  See: What’s in the Box?

How much pipe do I need?

Use the Materials Calculator to get your pipe estimate.

Is it expensive?

No, the price in big-box home improvement stores is around $2.84 for a ten-foot length.

Is it difficult to align the parts?

No, the patented parts automatically insure that the diagonal arms are in the same plane as the uprights.

Is the frame rugged?

Yes, the parts are rugged injection-molded ABS plastic and assembled with stainless steel hardware.

How long will it last?


Can I glue the parts together?

Yes, the BoatFramer parts can be joined to PVC with PVC cement.  We recommend using the slow-curing variety to facilitate proper alignment, However, for a more versatile assembly, we recommend using the self-treading screws included in the kit.

How long does it take to build?

The frame for the 20-foot Boston Whaler shown below required about two hours to build.  By removing the three ridge-pole pieces shown, the remaining components can be folded like umbrellas, and the frame can be re-assembled in less than ten minutes!


Can I install it myself?

Sure, it’s easy.  The only tool you need is the Allen-wrench supplied with the RodeWasher.

Will it interfere with my jib-sheets?

No, the Rode Washer mounts on the inside of your bow pulpit.


Can I install it myself?

Sure, you simply wire the YachtFinder in series with your anchor light, attach a ground wire, and mount the unit behind your electrical panel.

What if I don’t have my remote?

No problem, the anchor light works normally when switched on or off at the panel.

Do I need an external antenna?

No, the antenna is built-in and can be rotated to accommodate any installation position.